At Aras Flake, we envision a future where contractors find a reliable partner in their pursuit of excellence. Guided by our unwavering commitment to competitive rates, kindness, and a deep understanding of the challenges contractors face, we aim to be the go-to source for their flooring needs. We see a world where hard work is complemented by top-of-the-line products that stand up to the toughest jobs, coupled with our extensive knowledge and expertise.

In our vision, every interaction is infused with respect for our client’s craft and the dedication they put into their projects. We understand the importance of quality materials and reliable service in their line of work, and we pledge to deliver products that not only meet, but exceed industry standards. We aspire to provide flooring solutions that are not only durable but also affordable, ensuring that our client can focus on what they do best – building and renovating spaces with precision and skill.

At Aras Flake, we see a future where the challenges faced by contractors are met with solutions that make their jobs easier and more efficient. Our team is here to support them, offering competitive rates without compromising on quality, and ensuring that they have access to the best products and knowledge in the market.

Co-founded by Ben Rosenquist and Emma Maass in 2021, the goal of Aras Flake was to bring better pricing and industry knowledge to the marketplace. Emma Maass is now the primary owner of Aras Flake as of 2023 and plans to open a physical location in 2024.


Yes, please reach out to someone on our team by emailing orders@arasflake.com.

Order processing and shipping typically takes 3-5 business days. However, lead times are variable, so please be sure to check in with our Customer Service Team for the most accurate lead time estimates.

Not at this time, but our storefront will be open early 2024! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our grand opening.

Flake and Quartz are suitable for outdoor applications. It is best to avoid bold, bright colors due to premature fading.

Yes! If you have any questions about purchasing from outside of the United States, please reach out to our Customer Service Team at orders@arasflake.com